Friday, 6 June 2008

Education as Tool of Empowerment.

The most interesting thing in the internet is its function as the open source to informations. When I was in my last year in the university I need to go to the British Council and to the American Culture to gain information on schools and scholarships. With the internet we can cut the distance, everybody can access the information through the internet (For the UK, you can read it here.)

When I came to the British Council Bloggers' meeting I saw a lot of eager youngsters searched information about education in the UK. Some are with parents, some others came by their own groups. I even saw some of the participants of the bloggers' meeting were also holding schools' brochures. It reminded me of my old days...when I was full of dream to be able to go abroad, to take a further study and to open my horizon of knowledge.

Back then, the dream land is America. I was also interested in the UK because of its architectural heritage. Today, as more and more news on violence in the American universities I don't think people are viewing American universities as the best destination.

Yet, there are a lot of consideration to have when choosing a destination. The most important thing is of course the financial support. Then we also need to know more into the university and the chances of having work experiences while studying there. It is just the same with window shopping for universities here in our own country, but it is even more crucial as the student will be there by his/her own, trying to live independently in another culture and another seasons.

Cultural shock should be minimized in order to achieve the best result. That is why it is important not only to gain study information before hand, but also to have better knowledge of the destination place. Internet, again, can be an important tools to gain information and even friends.

Education is the most important tools to empower people. Indonesian youngsters are actually equally capable with other global youngsters. Delivering them the key to education is also giving them the chance to change their lives. Providing the youngsters intercultural dialogues with equal educational knowledge will boost their creativity in serving the global world. Yes, the new millennium is opening the barriers of background, it will be the world for professional sans frontier.


john cole said...

Although the internet helps youngsters a lot, it can help us older folks too. All we need do is explore the internet's riches, even if we have no plan. My thinking and awareness strengthen more if I make my own way

Dian said...

I agree with you.. Indonesia should encourage their citizen to gain knowledges without any discriminations..Especially for the poors and the vulnerables..

I am very impressed with your articles..

Anonymous said...

Jika sistem pendidikan di Indonesia semakin tidak menentu siapa yang bisa menghambat arus pelajar yang pindah bersekolah di luar negeri. Apalagi dengan kebijakan di luar bahwa mahasiswa yang lulus dan disarankan untuk mengajar di almamaternya. Kalau semangat nasionalis tipis, yang tinggal di Indonesia cuma kaum tertindas dan penguasa ajah huhuhuhu...

Inge Sundoko