Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Knowledge and Creativity can be shared...

Thinking about how global the world is, made me think back into BC Blog Competition on Knowledge Economy.

We have seen how China was preparing the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The event is also an event to sell their tourism industry. It is also an event to gain more money into their country.

Euro 2008 is also the same, this event is also going to get the attention to European countries which hosting the events.

Unfortunately the Indonesian did not really used the event of Thomas Cup and Uber Cup to promote the tourism sector. Actually we are in the Visit Indonesian Year programme, but there were no integrated programme that join all the events to market our tourism sector, either locally or globally.

Marketing now should consider the global world as the target of marketing. And to know the global market we should also be able to know specific needs of each market. What would they need from our country and sell it out. Selling or buying is only the activity, but the important thing is learning and exchanging knowledge between two countries, between two different cultures.

I remembered those days I'd spent in Europe. It was a long time ago, imagine that were coming to London through a channel under the sea...that's Eurostar. The tunnel was new, we were among those curious passengers who would like to know how it felt to go from Paris to London in a fast train under the sea. It was expensive, but my uncle who is a civil engineer (who was specializing in hydraulic engineering) would like to try it. Actually I would prefer to sail on a ship to gain the feeling of the air of "A Tale of Two Cities". And of course the journey in Eurostar was just like another journey in a train, the fascinating thing was only we cross the border without realizing it (except for those customs who came to verify your passport).

Yet, there will be a lot of interesting things to learn from the engineering sector in building under the sea if Indonesia is considering to build a transportation like that between islands. We should not forget the volcanic problems that we might have, but exchanging knowledge could really save more time to have a progress...won't it? The problem for Indonesia would be in the ability to buy knowledge, but perhaps this knowledge could be an installment that would help us building a foundation the ability to sell other product or other knowledge.

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john cole said...

The highlight of your posting is how you wanted to recreate the atmosphere you found in "A Tale of Two Cities" -- Books we like have an uncanny way of making us look for things we've already seen in the mind's eye. Although you didn't go by sea, you can still call upon the images from Dickens