Thursday, 20 September 2007

Apa Arti Kejujuran dan Integritas Bagi Seorang Penulis?

A reader's letter in daily Kompas complaining about a recycling article attracted my attention. The response of the article's writer made me even more interesting to know the reaction of other readers. He said that he has the right to republish his own work . Yet, after 8 years he did nothing much to add and he said it was his right to cut and renew some part (the complaining reader said the difference between the old and the new articles are only in the first four paragraphs). He did not even mentioned that the writing was already published before.

So I just asked "What is the meaning of honesty and integrity for a writer?" I think it is a question that should be asked to the readers and also writers of a citizen journalism websites. We, as a citizen journalist, should acknowledged the ethics of journalism.

As a writer he can cited his book (it was already published in a book of chosen articles) because it might still held some important facts. Yet, readers are also have the right to get a fresh view on the recent subject.

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