Friday, 25 May 2012

Remembering Celly

Remembering Celly

I saw the wind playing with leaves
I saw your smile played on your face
Cheering the life that God gives
Share it to all within His grace

I saw the bird flew up the sky
Your face faded away
Leave us all in misery
Life is God’s mystery

We share the moment playing with waves
That glorious childhood that we embrace
Shimmering memories upon those graves
God’s love is our only solace….


The funeral of my high school friend Celly was this afternoon. She was one of the those on board the Sukhoi Superjet 100 which crashed into Mt. Salak. The thin curtain between lucky and bad luck, between life and death was really shown in that tragedy. Our television kept us updating with the progress from the moment the plane went missing until the news of the funerals. They were chosen passengers, they should be the lucky ones. Some are reporters, some others are airlines directors, pilots, and stewardesses. Some are still in their early twenty. Their life were actually just begun... Sad...but that's the line when we need to let ourselves surrender to destiny...

This poem is a way to send my condolence to those who lost their families. I was thinking of Celly when I wrote it, but may be it could also tickling memories of others who read this. In time like this I lost the feeling of being a citizen journalist. I'm here, just writing out my diary. I wasn't able to attend the funeral, but I've sent my prayers for her and for others who were on board.

Another victim that I've known is Femi, a reporter from Bloomberg. I knew her in She was probably worked for Kontan at that time. Time flies. Sometimes memories faded away...until a friend from Wikimu told me. Writing this I found a post in Kris' blog, and it makes me googling and found another blog who quote her words, When writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen [Femi Adi Soempeno]. I didn't really remember Femi, but these blogs gave me a glimpse of her that I've never known. 

I prayed for all those spirits to have the eternal peace, and for their families to have the strength to go on, to keep only happy memories of their loved ones, and to continue pursuing the dreams that they left behind. Life is God's mystery. He gave us, He took His time!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Dearest Celly

Dearest Celly,
Sometimes I postponed things because I thought there will be another tomorrow. I canceled showing up in our reunion, thought there will be another time to meet. Yet, time is God's privilege...
When I first heard about the tragedy of Sukhoi, I found it as another sad news. But when I found out that one of its passengers is you, I couldn't help myself from being even sadder than before. I had hope for a miracle. Sometimes miracles happened, and some people survived the crash.... Yet, the new findings made me realize that may be God has a better plan.

I remembered how you started your dream to be a stewardess since I knew you in our Junior High School. You were a popular and sporty girl. Despite your popularity you're always nice and friendly to anybody. A girl with a cheerful smile. You've still got that enchanting smile on your face when you posed in front of that metal bird, Sukhoi Superjet 100.

I put you smiling picture in my cellphone's profile picture, and to my amazement I've had some friends commented back. Some of those friends are those that I never thought were your friends too. Life is like an onion, we have so many layers in our lives. I was once in one of your layer of life. Another friend was in the other layer. The other is may be still in your close circle. But we share the same grieve. We share the same memory...a friendly friend who was always nice and helpful.

I saw your kids in the television. I knew their grieve will be bitter than mine. They lost their mom, more than a friendly're everything for them. But I knew you'll send your prayers to keep them strong. Your friends are also praying for your soul and the other souls who flew with you. We are praying for all the families in grieve.

I found this nice song by Celine Dion. The song reminded me of your little towards His Light....