Sunday, 21 October 2007

Gambar Anak Indonesia Akan Menghias Perangko PBB

A Picture of an Indonesian boy will be used as the design of UN's stamps. I intend to make a longer posting in English for this one.

Combining both the previous post (Voices Against Poverty), this news about Children's Art Competition and some material from the previous water seminar was already create another article for OMNI. I'll put it in my next posting in this blog.

Satukan Kepedulian, Ayo Bangkit dan Suarakan! (Jangan Lupa Ikut Bertindak!)

Unified our concern, stand up and voice out! (Don't forget to act!)
I wrote an article to celebrate the International Day Against Poverty. The title might be a bit too long. I was in a hurry to get it published on time (October 17, 2007). When I was connected to I saw another article was already published. I changed my title a little voila! (I need to learn how to make an eye catching title!)

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1428 H, Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin.

What can be a better way for a citizen reporter to wish her friends all the good wishes and asking for forgiveness in the of the Ramadhan month? An article off course...

I reviewed some opinion from the national newspaper and made a personal poem. I mentioned the letter from the Pope too. As a non muslim who grew up in Indonesia, Lebaran (Idul Fitri) is also a part of my life. I think even as a non muslim I can gain more self enrichment from both the spiritual event and the social event of Lebaran.

Wikimu: Komunitas di Dunia Maya, Keluarga Indonesiaku.

Wikimu: The Cyber World Community, my Indonesian Family.

As writers and readers are commenting online, we get more closer. Off line meeting were also helping us to get to know each other. Sometimes we were never meet each other but we started to communicate through personal e-mail too. It makes this community like a family to big (multi back ground) Indonesian family.

This piece is to celebrate the first birthday of (I won't forget as it is the same date with my twins' birthday!)

Apakah Anda Seorang Blogger?

This article was actually written just after my post about Pesta Blogger Indonesia. The translation of the title is "Are You a Blogger?"

I'd like to get the opinion of the readers about the difference between a citizen repoter and a blogger. It was read by quite a high number of readers, and got some comments.

I do hope to write a better article about citizen journalism and blogging. Just need more time to concentrate on writing!

Umur Panjang dan Penampilan (Intermeso)

This one is not my original piece. A friend of mine had sent me an e-mail attachment as a gift for my birthday. I was cleaning my mail box when I saw it once again. I thought it would be nice to share with others, so I translate it from the original (French) into Bahasa Indonesia (with some adjustment).

Readers like this article, I got more votes for this one. I've got to keep reminding them that this one is not originally from me. Yet, I do not know who is the real author.

Jatuh Cinta Sejak Usia 12 Tahun.

Fell in love since the age of twelve, that's the title...
How I fell in love with museums and our love story will be added soon (I hope)...

Selamat Merayakan Hari Penerjemah Internasional!

On celebrating the International Translators Day I published this article in wikimu (September 30, 2007). More detail will be added soon...

Belajar Menjadi Orang Tua

Learning how to be a parent, I'll give more details later. For the time being you can link to the title and read the Indonesian version in

Friday, 5 October 2007

The first Indonesian bloggers meeting in Jakarta

Indonesian bloggers will have their first meeting on the 27th October 2007 in Jakarta. After experiencing the international citizen reporters' meeting in Seoul I know that it will be a very nice chance to meet all senior bloggers. It will help new bloggers to know more about blogging, and it will enrich the senior bloggers with more network and hopefully better connection and comments.

So, hopefully

Pesta Blogger 2007

Just keep my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

On Peaceful World, May be Mother Earth is Waiting For Godot!

News these days are mostly bad news! We’ve got bad news from Iraq. We’ve got bad news from Myanmar.

A Japanese journalist was killed in Myanmar. More than thousand people are missing. Several hundreds of Buddhist monks and activists are taken away by the military. All happened after the Buddhist monks together with the citizen performed the demonstration asking for a reformation in politic and economic fields.

Democracy seems to be a very expensive jewel of mother Earth. Blood shed to present her the democracy. Pro-democracy (in the case of the US in Iraq) or anti democracy (in Myanmar) are all the same, they are all starting sacrificing human lives.

I saw the real meaning of citizen journalism in Myanmar. They are all fighting to keep the world know what is happening. The internet links are cut, blogs are blocked…but they found ways to scream out their miseries to the world. Mother Earth cried quietly on the blood that runs over her body.

I do think she is also waiting for a better and peaceful world, but I keep wondering if she is only waiting for Godot!