Saturday, 31 January 2009

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Barack Obama everywhere

The 44th President of the United States, Barrack Obama, seems to take the global attention. Face Bookers are talking about him, medias are also talking about him...and some person who look like Obama are also showing up, from Miami (a Cuban immigrant), then from Honduras, and also from Indonesia...Ilham Anas. I found him through the daily journal for children "Berani", but on the internet amazingly I found him in the Vietnamese VN Express' news, and another blog shows the Malaysian newspaper, the Sun.

Hopefully the idea of change can be taken into a real account, then there would be more little Obama around the who would brave enough to dream about changing the world into a better world. It won't be just a resemblance of physical appearance, but the most important thing of all...the same vision of change!

A lot of expectation came on Obama's shoulders to carry on. A friend's blog also share his expectation or even how the world expects a new leadership style from Obama.

In another media, the Chinese lunar New Year made this media calculate his chinese horoscope. In an article "Year of the Ox Looking Very Un-Bullish", it is even predicted
"The new U.S. president is not having good luck this year. His honeymoon will only be short-lived," said fortuneteller Alion Yeo, predicting Obama may even face impeachment in his first year in office. "The Year of the Ox looks slightly better and less dire than last year, but it will still be bumpy."
Luckily, there is another opinion on that...
But Malaysian numerologist Weng Shi Ming suggested Obama's birth year would offset his bad luck. Weng said the symmetry of 1961 is "the perfect mix of ying and yang," rendering Obama "immune to the effects of 44."

I don't really want to know what his horoscope might say, but I do know that we do need to pray for him so the dream for the changing world can be taken into a reality, at least a new step into a better future...

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A New Approach in the New Year

It seems a bit tiring to maintain both citizen journalism and blog, they are a bit different for me. CJ is my way of sharing news, while my blog is my online diary of being a citizen reporter. It would be easier for me to blog, but the value of the news would be a bit different... I would perhaps just write down all the new experience of life. But, then I would not be digging into more comprehensive information on the topic.

I wrote about my battling mind in seeking the essence of being a citizen reporter, in "Pewarta Warga: Pencarian Jati Diri (1)", and "Pewarta Warga: Pencarian Jati Diri (2)". Am I being more citizen or more journalist? Actually I've never thinking of myself as a journalist. I'm a citizen reporting through a citizen journalism website...

Time is the only obstacle right now. Having no assistant at home made it more difficult to work on articles these days.

Stepping into 2009: My End of the Year Reflection as a Citizen Reporter

Ending the year 2008 means that I've been diving in citizen journalism for almost two years. My end of the year reflection is about my being a citizen reporter. There are three part of articles; Refleksi Seorang Pewarta Warga di Penghujung 2008, Pewarta Warga: Pencarian Jati Diri (1), Pewarta Warga: Pencarian Jati Diri (2)

Yet, no time to translate it into English...And still no time to continue into the next article Pewarta Warga: Mencari Media yang Tepat.

It is still the same song about time management...
There are so much in my head...
Ready to pop out..
Blowing away my head into the horizon of the cyberspace...
Yet so many commitments are still awaiting me...
So urgent...
Clinging to me not to loose me into the cyberworld...
Keeping me sane enough to realize my duty today...

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Majapahit, the bitterness approach of reviving glory

Good intention is not always going the right way. Majapahit, the name came from the bitterness of the fruit named Maja. Yet, the good intention to revive the glorious achievement of Majapahit came through the wrong path.

It is nice to have the internet storing articles from the past edition. I found this article dated back from 2005.

Deserted historical site of past glories

The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Sat, 08/27/2005 10:31 AM | Life

Evi Mariani, The Jakarta Post/Mojokerto, East Java

Archeologists dream of turning Indonesia's biggest excavation site in Trowulan, East Java, into an education center and tourist destination as interesting as Borobudur and Prambanan.

Believed to be the center of the Majapahit kingdom from the 13th century to 15th century, the site reveals not only the past glory of Majapahit's ancient terra-cotta art, culture and political system, but also the roots of Javanese trade and agricultural history.

In 1985, a number of archeologists completed a book containing a master plan for the 99 square kilometer site.

Over the last 20 years some progress has been made at the site. However, the government has failed to play a major role in the project, leaving the site largely undeveloped. Although the government did form an agency to salvage the site, the agency was unable to accomplish much because of a severe lack of funding.

Research from 18th century

Research and restoration work at the Trowulan site dates back to the 18th century. The results of the first research were published in Raffles' History of Java in 1817.

History shows that the first work at the site was initiated by A.A Kromojoyo Adinegoro, the Mojokerto regent who in 1914 found the remnants of Candi Tikus (Tikus Temple).

Adinegoro also pioneered the development of a museum to house the Majapahit artifacts found in Trowulan. The museum, located in the town of Trowulan, has more than 84,000 pieces from all over East Java.

Another important figure in the Trowulan restoration was Henri Maclaine Pont, an architect who in the 1920s found a large pond that is believed to have been a reservoir in a Majapahit irrigation system. The pond is now known as Segaran Pond.

In a 1926 book written in Dutch, Pont gathered information on the ancient irrigation system in Trowulan, which he found had canals.

French historian Denys Lombard wrote in his tome about Java that although the Trowulan pond was not as large as the water reservoir in Angkor, Cambodia, it showed that the Javanese were using hydraulic systems for agriculture since as early as the 9th century.

Pont also led an excavation project in the mid-1920s, finding a number of artifacts now housed in Trowulan Museum.

The restoration has continued slowly over the years. Of more than a dozen structures -- temples, gates, tombs -- only five have been restored completely.

The five are the water reservoir, Kolam Segaran, a spring temple, Candi Tikus, the Candi Brahu cremation temple, Candi Bajang Ratu gate and the gate to Candi Wringin Lawang.

Slow pace of restoration

There are at least three buildings, Candi Gentong, Candi Minak Jinggo and Candi Kedaton, that are in the process of being restored. However, a lack of funds has slowed the work.

The excavation for Candi Kedaton's restoration has been stopped for about a decade, while the excavation for Candi Gentong is going on, but at a snail's pace.

Other sites also have gone through some restoration. Sadly, the work, although paved with good intentions, has removed the historical value of some of the sites.

For example, a place called Pendopo Agung is believed to be the former main hall of the palace. But a newly built structure glorifying the East Java Brawijaya Military Command now covers the place.

There is no trace of the former palace. Instead, the walls of the modern hall is filled with pictures of Brawijaya military commanders.

Separately, the ancient tomb Sitihinggil was ""restored"" in the 1960s, when some donors helped locals construct a new, modern building right on top of the terra-cotta brick foundation.

Sitihinggil has been for decades one of the main destinations for spiritual visits to Trowulan. Another destination is the tomb of Cempo Princess.

Locals say these two places can get crowded at night, when people gather to pray.

They come from around Java to ask for blessings, good luck or love.

Indeed, while very few tourists visiting Trowulan for its archeological treasures, a reasonable number of visitors come to Trowulan for religious or spiritual reasons.

One of the main destinations for religious tours is Troloyo Tomb, an early Islamic tomb from the Majapahit period.

Due to the number of visitors the local administration, once again with good intentions, constructed a large complex with little resemblance to the Majapahit architectural style.

Indonesian archeologists, once upon a time, had a dream, a faded and deserted dream, as lonely as the town and the museum.

Then a president and a minister would like to come as the one who revived the glory. The Majapahit Exhibition in the National Museum was very nice, but they would like people to come to visit the site...

I don't know the process of making this dream come true...but suddenly...

Govt ruined Majapahit artifacts

The Jakarta Post , JAKARTA | Thu, 01/15/2009 3:29 PM | Headlines

The government admitted Wednesday the construction of Majapahit Park in Trowulan, East Javaa project initiated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono - has ruined ancient artifacts buried beneath the site, and announced a plan to relocate the park immediately.

Bowing to mounting public pressure, Minister for Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik told reporters in Jakarta that the decision had been reached after he and several senior archeologists and architects had spoken about the damages to artifacts of the ancient Majapahit kingdom on the site. "I swear, I never meant to destroy Indonesia's heritage by constructing the Majapahit Park. I just wanted to follow the presidential instruction to revive the civilization of the Majapahit Kingdom as our heritage and to introduce it to young people," he said.

The project, initiated by Yudhoyono in November 2008 to establish a public cultural center dedicated to the ancient Majapahit kingdom, which was at the height of its powers in the 13th century, is located on a 2,200 square-meter plot just north of the center of what was once Trowulanthe largest city in the kingdom.

A number of archeologists have said the park construction, which sunk support pillars into the ground, had destroyed ancient stones, walls and artifacts.

understand why the archeologists are mad at me. I'm also angry at the situation. This is human error and we have to fix it rather than blaming one another," Jero said.

"We have decided to relocate Majapahit Park to another area to prevent further damage to the artifacts."

Arya Abieta, a member of the team appointed to evaluate the damage, said the archeologists and architects working in the area had recommended that the park instead be developed on the edges of the historical site.

can use the area that has been heavily looted by locals. It will be safer than building on top of the remaining artifacts," Arya said.

The Trowulan site, located in Mojokerto, 70 kilometers southwest of Surabaya, East Java, was the site of tradition full-moon rituals during the golden era of the Majapahit Kingdom.

Long after the decline of the kingdom in 14th century, locals began to loot the palace and religious buildings, including Tikus Temple. Many artifacts have been stolen or destroyed.

"No one seemed to care much about this old city before the Majapahit Park project began. Now, every one seems to care, and this is good because we have to protect the Majapahit artifacts," Jero said. (naf)

As an architect my first reaction was asking "Weren't they doing the AMDAL procedure?", as they do need to go through AMDAL to start building on a site like Trowulan. The destruction is too precious if it is only to take public attention. The money spent should be quite a big sum already...why it is happened?

First of all, it is miscommunication. The owner of the project did not really know what they would like to present to the public. Then the architect chosen for this project worked as a drafter designing building without asking site inspection...or did a site inspection without getting the information on how precious an archeological site is...

Pusat Informasi Majapahit(PIM) was actually founded in 2007 according to this article from Mojokerto. Yet, between the two years of development into a very big leap of "the grandeur of Majapahit" in the form of a big project of "destruction".

The comment from the IAI Jabar mentioned in an article in is also worth noted, sometimes the project owner in Indonesia did not really respect the architect. It's the mentality of "I've got the money...and you should provide the drawing I need a.s.a.p..."

If there is one thing that I really hate here in Indonesia, then it is the reason "human error". Airplane crash, car accidents...all blamed to the human error, and now this project... There are human errors, but unprofessional error. The real owner of that project should be the archeologists and the local government of Mojokerto. The investor could be the Ministry for Culture and Tourism, and as the investor they should know why they are investing in that site...and how to get their investment worthwhile: by keeping its function!

Then come the unprofessional approach towards the project. Instead of digging into its function, those who involved in that project prefer to remake the grandeur of Majapahit by making a new grand building on the top of its spirit.

We don't want to blame anybody, and it is sad that the person who leaks this story should be removed from his post. But we should learn not to make a silly human error...

I was fascinated to see those bricks taken from Trowulan in the Majapahit Exhibition (unfortunately my photos are gone...perhaps it was gone when the virus came into my computer)...they were intact! Big sizes, and solid, not one of the red bricks we are seeing these days.

Perhaps it is just like what Christina Kreps,an American museum curator, said about Indonesian museums. Sometimes we do not value our artifacts as we think that they are common things, we do have it at home...use it, so it is not that "precious". I think that would be another story if we are talking about gold, perhaps that is why Rudy Badil talk about gold in daily Kompas.

Another reading: (bahasa Indonesia)

Obama has an interesting background

It seems that the Uncle Sam's new president has a very interesting background. I've just read this article from Yahoo News:

Obama's half brother performs in China
By WILLIAM FOREMAN, Associated Press Writer William Foreman, Associated Press Writer – Fri Jan 16,

SHENZHEN, China – The news release didn't say who Mark Ndesandjo was. Nor did the posters and e-mails promoting the concert Friday in this southern Chinese boomtown where he played piano to raise money for orphans.

But the 200 or so people who showed up for the fundraiser at a posh hotel resort knew the man in a Chinese-style brown silk shirt was the half brother of President-elect Barack Obama. They had a rare encounter with Ndesandjo, who has been dodging the media since his family ties were made public last summer.

For the past seven years, Ndesandjo has been living in Shenzhen, a freewheeling city just across the border from Hong Kong. The announcement for his piano concert identified him as a strategic marketing consultant. He also helped start a chain of eateries in China called Cabin BBQ.

Ndesandjo has a thin mustache, shaved head and a gold stud in his left earlobe. He slightly resembles his half brother, and shares the same trim, athletic physique. He speaks Mandarin, is a vegetarian and practices Chinese calligraphy.

And he said Friday that he has just finished a novel called "Nairobi to Shenzhen," but as yet has no publisher.

Ndesandjo apparently wants a low-key life separate from Obama. No one mentioned his family when he was introduced at the charity concert and cocktail party sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce in South China.

During brief remarks on stage, Ndesandjo mentioned that he would visit the U.S. in a couple days, apparently to attend Tuesday's presidential inauguration. He said if he didn't make the trip in time, he would embarrass his family.

And he told the crowd that chamber president, Harley Seyedin, was fond of the president-elect. Ndesandjo added, "I like my president, too!" That was the closest he came to mentioning Barack Obama.

Ndesandjo's reluctance to play up his famous relative is extremely unusual in China, where people commonly name drop and use their connections to advance their interests. In China, relationships, or "guanxi," with powerful people are golden and rarely wasted in winning new business or opening other doors.

As his Chinese wife watched, Ndesandjo began his performance with a Chinese tune called "Liuyang River" followed by what he said was "Chopin's First Nocturne." His third and final piece was a jazz tune by Fats Waller called "Viper's Drag."

He played with passion, at times hunched over the keyboard or rocking back with his eyes closed and lips slightly parted in expressions of ectasy and agony.

His Chinese friend and restaurant business partner, Sui Zhenjun, said he has known Ndesandjo since he arrived in China in 2002.

"But it wasn't until July when media reports started surfacing about him being related to Obama that I found out they were related," he told The Associated Press. "He called and told me."

Ndesandjo declined to answer questions from the AP at Friday's concert. He wouldn't confirm basic details about his past or discuss his relationship with Obama.

He uses the surname of his mother, Ruth, the third wife of his father, who died in 1982. He was born in Kenya and moved to the United States when he was a child.

Footage from a Chinese TV news show posted on Youtube shows him practicing calligraphy at home and teaching children how to play the piano, praising them in Mandarin and English.

On Friday, he said he had visited a Shenzhen orphanage shortly after arriving in China and saw rows and rows of sleeping babies while a harried staff of two nurses tried to care for them.

"One child with big black eyes seized my finger and would not let it go," he told the crowd.

After the charity event, Ndesandjo chatted with friends and shook hands as he slowly walked out of the venue pursued by journalists hoping for a comment. He slipped into an elevator and continued to ignore questions as the door slowly closed.

So Obama is representing the new world, the world without border where family ties come between continents...

I pray that he'll be given wisdom and lots of luck, so hopefully we are going to a peaceful track...

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Apakah Manusia Selalu Berubah?

Saya tidak terlalu mengenal Marco secara dekat, saya hanya ingat dia mahasiswa cemerlang yang mendapat beasiswa ke Leuven. Pertemuan pertama kami adalah di pertemuan Arsitek Muda Indonesia. Saat itu saya masih mahasiswi tingkat akhir. AMI sendiri baru dibentuk rasanya.

Kemudian saya bertemu lagi dengannya ketika membawa teman-teman Architecture Study Group dari Indonesian Heritage Society ke Wisma Danamon (sekarang jadi Sampoerna Building).

Ada beberapa kali kami bertemu, atau sekedar percakapan lewat e-mail. Mungkin juga sekarang dia tidak ingat lagi nama saya.

Tapi saya benar-benar terkejut membaca tulisan di milis Penulis Lepas
--- On Thu, 1/8/09, Satrio Arismunandar wrote:

Subject: Marco Ketua Dewan Kesenian Jakarta Mengusir Saut Situmorang dkk
Date: Thursday, January 8, 2009, 10:53 PM

Jumat 19 Desember 2008 kira-kira jam 2 siang lebih. Saya Saut Situmorang, Wowok Hesti Prabowo dan Viddy A Daery masuk ke sebuah ruangan tempat diadakannya "mukernas" dewan kesenian se-Indonesia di hotel Sheraton Media Jakarta. Saya mendapat info bahwa mukernas tersebut akan membahas soal "dewan kesenian Indonesia" yang beberapa waktu dulu ide pembentukannya mendapat tentangan keras dari banyak seniman. Ide awal pembentukan dewan kesenian Indonesia tersebut, kata orang, berasal dari Ratna Sarumpaet dan dia hari itu akan memberikan pidato tanggapan atas idenya yang mungkin dia rasa dicuri orang itu. Sebuah acara menarik untuk ditonton, bukan? Di pintu masuk ruangan mukernas itu saya sempat disapa oleh seorang cewek yang bekerja untuk Dewan Kesenian Jakarta alias DKJ, yang merupakan tuan rumah mukernas. Di pintu masuk saya tidak melihat ada pengumuman "YANG TIDAK DIUNDANG DILARANG MASUK!".

berada di dalam ruangan saya dipanggil oleh Iyut Fitrah kawan penyair dari Payakumbuh, Sumatera Barat. Dia minta saya duduk dekatnya. Saya pun pergi ke arahnya dan duduk di sebuah kursi di dekatnya. Begitu pula Wowok dan Viddy. Sambil ngomong-ngomong, saya bagikan jurnal keren "boemipoetra" yang segera saja beredar ke meja-meja para peserta mukernas. Saya juga melihat bekas adik kelas saya di Fakultas Sastra Universitas Sumatera Utara dulu, Jabatin, duduk di meja dekat saya itu dan saya pun menyapanya. Wowok kemudian berdiri dan mulai membagikan "boemipoetra" ke meja-meja di sudut lain ruangan. Saat itu Ratna Sarumpaet sudah berdiri di podium setelah
diundang untuk memberikan pidatonya.

Pada waktu itulah tiba-tiba saja terdengar suara seseorang berteriak membentak, "Wowok, keluar!!! Anda tidak diundang, keluar!!!" Begitulah kira-kira bunyi teriakan tersebut yang ternyata berasal dari mulut seseorang bernama Marco yang adalah ketua Dewan Kesenian Jakarta. Wowok merespon dengan mengatakan bahwa dia "diundang" oleh Ratna Sarumpaet. Ratna membenarkan waktu Sang Marco mengkonfirmasikanny a ke dia. Tentu saja peristiwa itu menciptakan suasana tegang. Para peserta pun nampak kaget heran kebingungan penasaran. What the fuck is going on? Saya yakin begitulah yang mereka gumamkan dalam gumaman mereka. Lalu tiba-tiba lagi suara tadi berteriak membentak lagi, "Saut, keluar!!! Saya tidak mengundang Anda, keluar!!!" Saya nyaris gemetaran mendengar bentakan yang kayaknya dikeluarkan pakek sinkang ala ilmu Auman Singa Kim-mo Say-ong Cia Sun dari kitab "Ie Thian To Liong" karya Chin Yung itu! Kemudian Sang Pangcu DKJ itu melambai-lambaikan jurnal
"boemipoetra" ke udara sambil berkata sesuatu seperti "Dilarang membagikan 'boemipoetra' di sini. Ini cuma berisi fitnah!". Untunglah berkat latihan Kiuyang Sinkang yang saya pelajari dari Bu Kie saya cepat memperolah ketenangan saya kembali dan segera menjawab Sang Pangcu DKJ itu, "Kalau benar jurnal 'boemipoetra' adalah fitnah, silahkan bawa kami ke pengadilan!" Di tengah-tengah keributan itu saya mendengar Ratna Sarumpaet berkata sesuatu seperti kenapa acara kesenian bisa jadi sekaku ini, atau yang mirip-mirip itu maksudnya. Lalu, entah dari mana nongolnya, seorang laki-laki bertampang sangar kayak "bouncer bar" di Selandia Baru sana mulai juga berteriak-teriak sambil berpidato di tengah ruangan bahwa dia akan membubarkan acara tersebut! Pokoknya penuh otoritas macam itulah. Saya gak kenal makhluk
aneh ini tapi Wowok kemudian di taxi mengatakan dia itu orang DKJ juga. Karena bosan mendengar retorika kekuasaannya itu saya berdiri dan mengajak Wowok dan Viddy untuk keluar saja dari hiruk-pikuk drama kekuasaan Dewan Kesenian Jakarta tersebut. Banyak juga ternyata peserta dari dewan kesenian se-Indonesia di situ yang keluar ruangan. Waktu saya mulai beranjak dari tempat duduk saya itulah Sang Marco, sambil tetap teriak-teriak, mendatangai saya dan tiba-tiba saja memegang lengan kiri saya. Tentu saja secara spontan ilmu Kiankun Taylo-ie Sinkang dari Bengkaw yang juga saya warisi dari suhu Bu Kie bereaksi cepat dan saya tampar tangan jahat yang penuh racun itu! Dia nampak kaget jugak rupanya, hahaha... Tapi dia tidak melakukan apa-apa lagi dan kami bertiga pun keluar dari ruangan pibu itu dengan penuh kemenangan.

Di luar, seorang kawan dari Jawa
Tengah yang juga salah seorang peserta mukernas tersebut menghampiri dan menyalami kami. Oiya, di luar itu saya juga tidak melihat ada pengumuman, "DILARANG MEMBAGIKAN 'BOEMIPOETRA' DI DALAM RUANGAN!"

Bagaimana ya seandainya yang kami bagikan itu adalah majalah "Kalam" milik Teater Utan Kayu? Apa kami akan mendapat perlakuan yang sangat premanis, ketimbang Pramis, begitu? Siapa sebenarnya yang direpresentasikan Marco dan Dewan Kesenian Jakarta-nya di acara dewan kesenian se-Indonesia tersebut? Lucunya lagi, waktu dia membuat kericuhan di acara dewan kesenian se-Indonesia itu, tidak pernah sekalipun dia menanyakan pendapat para peserta mukernas soal "kehadiran" kami, apa mereka keberatan atau tidak! Menurut SMS seorang kawan yang juga peserta "diundang" acara, setelah kami bertiga keluar ruangan, para peserta dipaksa untuk "mengembalikan" kepada DKJ jurnal "boemipoetra" yang sedang dibaca
para peserta tersebut! Banyak juga, kata kawan tersebut, yang tidak bersedia "mengembalikan" jurnal keren kami itu, hahaha...

Oiya, ada yang bilang (saya tidak tahu benar atau salah karena saya sendiri tidak diundang juga, hehehe...) ada yang bilang bahwa para peserta mukernas dewan kesenian se-Indonesia itu dibawa Marco dan DKJ-nya makan malam di Salihara, hahaha...

Saut Situmorang

http://www.facebook .com/profile. php?id=554828232 &ref=name
http://sautsitumora ng.multiply. com/

-During times of universal deceit,
telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act
(George Orwell)

Apa iya Marco bisa seperti itu? Ada apa di balik kejadian ini?
Berjuang di dalam sistem terkadang memang menyesakkan, dan butuh ketangguhan lebih untuk tetap bertahan waras di dalamnya. Mungkin saya kurang mengenal Marco, tapi rasanya dia tidak memiliki sifat kasar seperti itu...

Sebenarnya saya mengharapkan lebih dari seorang Marco. Tadinya saya pikir dia akan meneruskan perjuangan pak Bian Poen dalam bidang tata kota.

Terlepas dari Marco, saya juga jadi bertanya-tanya ada apa dengan DKJ, sejak masalah lukisan yang heboh itu sepertinya masalah antara seniman dan DKJ tidak juga tuntas.
Kesenian Indonesia sebenarnya sebuah mutiara yang perlu diasah, dan diperkenalkan dengan profesional. Sayang sekali kalau akhirnya hancur hanya karena pengasahnya tumpul saling beradu.

Ketika saya bertanya dalam hati, apakah Marco demikian berubah? Orang yang tampak santun bisa berubah dalam kurun waktu yang berlalu? Atau memang manusia selalu berubah? Tergantung situasi dan kondisi yang melatar belakangi kehidupannya? Atau mungkin juga manusia justru tidak pernah berubah? Sejak dahulu bangsa ini terkalahkan karena politik adu domba. Kalau kita masih selalu mengedepankan pertengkaran dan bukannya komunikasi maka kita mungkin tidak pernah berubah...reformasi yang didengungkan bisa jadi hanya sekedar mengembalikan bentuk ke masa silam dimana pertengkaran dan ketidak-rukunan yang menjadi tuan.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

New Year's it for all?

An interesting e-card comes to my inbox today...touching, very familiar here in Indonesia...

If you can't read the reading on the wall, it is "Merry Crisis, and a Happy New Fear"

New Year for those who are living in Gaza is also another sad story...
I do hope that we are going to have a better future.
On the afternoon of December 30, 2008, I saw the rainbow over the mountain...
Rainbow is something rarely seen in the big city recently
The symbol of God's commitment to human kind...

Hope it is also offering hopes for the days to come...hopefully for everybody.