Sunday, 17 August 2008

An experiment


This is an experiment on blogging through picassa. One problem for my online activity is my being technophobie...I should try to learn a lot of things...I don't even know how many readers are reading this blog. That's not important actually, I'm not seeking popularity...I'm only trying to voice out my voice!

This is my picture with my twins, we are using traditional clothes. Actually this picture should be related to the previous post "Mencintai Indonesia Lewat Pakaian" (Loving Indonesia through clothes...actually I mean through the traditional textiles of Indonesia). The picture I used in that article are women wearing batik, this picture shows another type of textiles. I used the weaving clothes from Sumatera together with "kebaya encim".
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john cole said...

thank you for posting that stunning photo showing you posing with your twins -- it's the best photo you've posted so far

Retty N. Hakim said...

Thank you for appreciating it, John. Actually I've got more astonishing photos of women using traditonal textiles. They are my friends from the Indonesian Heritage Society using the design of Poppy Dharsono (well known Indonesian designer). Yet, I need to respect the ethics of uploading pictures (I'm trying to learn the international ethical code of asking permission of the "models") I just upload the models available...he..he..he...