Friday, 14 December 2007

What's up in Bali?

My mind is still lingering in Bali. What is happening there? Are they closing this convention with good progress?

The USA delegation is still making it hard to move forward, at least that's the news in the local media.

I've been looking to recent news from the blog It's getting Hot in here as I knew they have their delegates watched over the convention. I could not get much about the REDD schema.

I'm curious about this REDD as I knew that we do need the finance and the technology to be able to cope and adapted to the forestry problem. We need to improve our economy and it will be depending on our forests (next year we'll also be venturing our maritime natural heritage for Visit Indonesian Year 2008). Yet, we do need to preserve our forests and its biodiversity (and the sea with its rich biodiversity). The climate change is obviously harmful for an archipelago like us (with almost all the population depend on rice as their main staple food).

I'll keep looking to this website to know more about the carbon trade. From the local NGO I'll keep looking on WALHI, WWF Indonesia, and OXFAM Indonesia.

News will be better presented if it is a first hand report, but researching on news sources that are credible is also important. After we have a deeper knowledge on the topic it would be easier to grab all the news and comments that come in. As a citizen reporter I think it is more important to think as a citizen. I'm not the scientist, I'm not the politician (who will follow their leader's opinion), I'm not even a member of an environmental NGO, but I am the citizen who will get a higher price of petrol, cooking oil, etc...all the aspects that would affect our daily lives. Then the economical impact will also take over our chances to educate our children and give them the quality time they need (as we are going to be forced to work harder and harder for our daily breads).

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