Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Kebebasan, Kepercayaan, dan Pasangan Hidup.

Freedom, Trust, and a Soul Mate.

The inspiration to write this one came after lots of wikimu readers asking a contributor about the software to detect the whereabout of their partners through the cellphones.

One female reader asked the writer to give her the name of those whose asking for the software, she said that if she found her boy friend's name she will end her relation.

That was not really a serious note, she made it probably for fun...either indicating she has a lot of boy friends (she is single) or because she doesn't like being with a man who doesn't trust her.I prefer the second possibility.

At the same time one contributor is celebrating the marriage of his daughter. I was invited but I could not come. My twin sons were invited to their best friend birthday party. Actually I planned to go to the wedding party with some friends from wikimu, but this other obligation seemed more important. I've been quite neglecting them lately due to my internet activities, and also because half of my attention lately was in the UNFCCC convention in Bali.

So combining the inspiration and the intention to make it as a gift for the couple, I wrote this piece about freedom, trust and a soul mate.

When you do not have trust in your couple then it would not be a good relation. We do need trust to confide ourselves into a commitment. Without that it would be nonsense!
In Indonesia we can see people who get married only for a couple of weeks, or months, and then got divorce. There were also old couples who were married for tens of years and surprisingly separated themselves. Ironically sometimes the seed of the problem came from not trusting the partner because what other people said (or even what their soothsayer had said). Off course there are a lot of temptation in this global and fast changing world, but we can be wiser and more tough if we let God walk with us. Ask Him to lead our way, ask Him to help our partner's walk in the right direction. We pray for our partner so that he/she will not fail into temptations.

I think I wrote more than this one paragraph, but I think I have this one paragraph resume the most important message. (Perhaps I'll continue this post after reading comments).

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