Thursday, 27 December 2007

Kisah Dibalik Kartu Ucapan Pada Hari Ibu

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Stories behind mother's day cards.

My twins sent me their self made cards for mother's day. Mother's day in Indonesia is celebrated every December 22. It came from the women movement in Indonesia's political history. Later on the celebration was reduced more into thanking mother as in the mothers' day celebrated abroad.

In this article I presented the origin of mothers' day in the US, as we Indonesian usually copied action from the US. I also noted and link the history of mothers' day in Indonesia.

The twins activities with their classmates in sending their cards was also presented in pictures. They came to the post office, bought the stamps themselves and glued it , then sent it to their mom (Two of them were actually presented there in the post office accompanying two teachers, it was no surprise anymore for me!)

The cards came fast (the same day) made me gave my applause for the post office's readiness in facing the Christmas and New Year's cards traffic.

Looking at the pictures they draw on the cards made me realized how much their daily activities and experiences with their parents coloured their world! Both boys draw an aeroplane (one of it looks more like a spaceshuttle, but the owner said it was an aeroplane that looks like a rocket!) and rains. But the one who was playing with the computer when lightning affected the electricity (and made our computer, fax, printer and scanner out of order), had put a small lightning together with the rain.

So we, parents, are those who will be responsible for the pictures and colour of our childrens' empty book of life! Yes, parents! Not only mom!

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