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And the first Asian Idol is…

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The article was written in bahasa Indonesia, below is an addition of how I wrote that article and what lesson I gained from that article (Retty, 27-12-2007).

And the first Asian Idol is ... Hady Mirza from Singapore!
When Ata announced the winner, the feeling of disbelief struck me and perhaps most of Indonesians.

Actually I didn't want to write this article. It was midnight, I was really sleepy and my boys were still around. Yet, it is something that should be written. My friend called me with the same disbelief. She was accusing the Singaporeans play with their money. I was more convinced with the "second choice" theory. Perhaps people were voting for the smallest country's contestant. No, said another friend, Vietnam should be more visible as the second choice...they have less financial support than Singapore. But for teen age girls Hady Mirza would be a better choice than Phuong Vy!

As my friend asked me to write this one, I wrote this piece. Trying my best to be objective. Actually there was another person who wrote about the same event. He wrote the result of the Asian Idol contest, and his article came in first.

My article was also published. The same content perhaps, but mine is added with my personal views. I could see how competitive the internet news is! While I had to write and put my boys to bed at the same moment, another writer had the chance to upload his article.

Later, the work on this piece of article made me more interested in this Idol contests. Yes, being a reporter made your interest wider and made you interested in digging more and more into it!

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