Wednesday, 5 December 2007

On Younger Generation

Sometimes I envy younger generation. They've got more chances to develop themselves, they are more adapted to the technology. For the engineer, the autocad help them draw their 3D presentation faster and easier. The global world is also opening their doors to get more chances, either in scholarship or in international competition. Before, we depend on mainstream media. So we need to rely only on the media we read, see, or hear. Sometimes they published the information a bit too late. Now the information is only a click away...

I read this article about youngsters writing novels. That's great, they've got tutorial from early stage of life...imagine how would they be ten years from now?

The citizen journalism website is also amazing...wikimu now has its special place for high school students to write. So they'll be able to really learn how to write earlier. Their talents can be polished, and they'll be more ready to know their real interest in life.

There are some novels published by senior high students after they posted it in their blogs. It seems that their way are made easier.

Perhaps I forgot that all these progress of life is also come with all the new burden of learning. I can see that my son's subjects in the elementary school are not the kind of knowledge I learned in my elementary school before.

The economic burden is heavier. I had never really felt that my parents were in financial debt as they are clever enough not to tell us. Now? I should tell my boys that we do not have the capability to finance all their wishes, that we have to arrange our money and spend it carefully. When my brother started selling sticker labels and T-shirt, it was because he had fun. He had the entrepreneurship spirit in him. Now children at school are forbidden to do trading as some of them are already involved in multi level marketing or other product marketing. A friend who works as an administrative officer (in the school that I used to work for) has a boy. His Indonesian language teacher asked the first grader to write a daily journal to help them writing. What the boy wrote touched me. He wrote:"After school I have to work in the school before I go home". He was not working. His dad passed away so her mom is a single parent. There are only her and the only son. So it would be easier for her to keep him at school after the school hours until she finished her work. He felt that he is working too. So children become adult sooner than my generation. Hope they become more clever too, they will need it to survive!


ukirsari said...

hiks hiks ... aku juga berpikir gitu mbak retty. yang masa kini, segala fasilitas lebih lengkap dan tersedia. but we should learn juga toh. makanya, i do blogging biar makin rajin menulis ;)
thanks for dropping by on my blog ya, mbak. boleh nge-link blog mbak retty ya? thanks in advance.

Retty N, Hakim said...

Boleh dong di link...nanti aku juga link biar gampang ngintip...Jangan lupa komentar ya..soalnya komentar itu yang bikin produktif.