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Sabtu, 22-12-2007 20:35:59 oleh: Retty N. Hakim
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It's about articles!

I was once write about the writer's honesty and integrity, commenting on the recycling article appeared on a national daily and got commented by a reader. When I wrote this one I was actually waiting comments from the senior and professional journalists to gave us some lectures (at least a hint) on journalism ethics. The comments were not really satisfied me.

The writer of article that I commented did send me an e-mail of explanation, longer than the one published in the newspaper as his answer.

So, when I saw in two different journals readers' letter about articles (one published by other name in another daily, and the other one is the verification of the writer on why his article appeared in two different daily newspapers on the same day), I felt it is urgent to ask others attention to this matter.

With news are now more open in the internet era, it will be easier for others to copy and paste our piece of writings. But at the same time it will be easier to detect if our article are used by other writers. Having a community will help also help us detecting any violation of our right as a writer.

So this article was published to ask the senior journalist to give us guidance on journalism ethics, and to ask fellow netizen to respect the writing ethics and to help watching over others' rights.

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Retty N. Hakim said...

It's nice to have citizen journalism website as a place to voice out my concern about creative right violation. It seems that the media did not always contact the writer to verify the fact.(see Kurniawan Junaedhie's blog)

No comment is not the way out, we have to fight it so we'll have more creative citizens in the future.