Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Perlu Kacamata Baru (Intermezzo)

In the need of a new pair of glasses. Sometimes the mainstream media made mistakes. It can be a small mistake like a bad color separation, or a bigger mistake as mixing two events in a photo caption.

Kompas made me dizzy with its bad performance on the colored pictures. While Suara Pembaruan made a scramble news between the gunfire in Omaha and the one in Salt Lake City (last February) in its photo caption. Actually there is another mistakes about the number of person killed (9 or 8), but that is not as crucial as the photo caption. Sometimes when we read a newspaper we skipped the article and read only the photo caption. When the photo caption wrote that the gunman from Bosnia was shoot by the police, it could gave various reactions. When I read about Bosnia I wonder why..., what happened...But other people who read the incident in the Salt Lake City will have another impression...again? what's wrong with the Bosnian in the USA?

This is only a reader's opinion, hoping that the mainstream media beware of their services. On the other hand it is also a warning to other readers to be more critical in reading news.

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m lim said...

haha... i love this posting. short, amusing, but honest and so true!!

great intermezzo!