Thursday, 13 December 2007

Citizen Journalism Echoes Everywhere

After the bloggers' party it seems that citizen journalism suddenly got a lot of attention here. Yesterday I heard in the radio an advertisement from the daily Republika that they will publish citizen's stories. Everybody in that short advertisement claimed themselves as citizen reporters. Yes, every citizen is a reporter. Hope that the cloud would not change as fast as it appeared!

Kompas Cyber Media had earlier changed its interactive column into Citizen Journalism's tag. I hope that we are not taken away by all these supportive actions and forget the idealism of the real citizen journalism intention.

An article by Lily Yulianti in OMNI is worth reading. But I've got to disagree on the term of first hand reports excluding the action summarizing mainstream media reports. I think it is also a good thing to have others' commented (give their personal opinion) on the media report. We have thousands of printed medias or publications, we can't have the access to all of these medias and publications. Having citizen reporters commenting on it would help us to drive our attention to that media or publication and its content. So we could also be the watchdog of the mainstream media!

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