Monday, 17 December 2007

Balancing my life

Perhaps I did skip my views on the Bali Road Map, a final script that need longer time than the expected convention's schedule.

As I am here and not in Bali, my mind juggling over the cyber spaces. That made me write the article O...o...Aku Kecanduan... (O...o...I became addicted). I don't have the chance to translate the article into English version yet. Perhaps I should do it soon and send it to OMNI too.

Meanwhile I forgot on sending my writing to places that might give me some money to help financing my internet cost. The addictive feeling came from the instant comments on my articles.

Yet, I do need to make my life into balance again. I think I've been taking this citizen reporter thing too seriously. My weakness as someone seeking perfection! That was the main reason why I chose being at home, the fear that I would make my job on the top priorities in my daily life. To reach to the top you'll need that kind of hard struggling and time consuming concentration on your work. To make it work with my husband's schedules I need to be a full time mom.

I tried hard to get away from the cyber space for a while, but the Asian Idol tempting me to comment again...

The first Asian Idol, it is an important path for a lot of youngsters in Asia to leap out of their countries and be the ambassador of their countries' music. I remember how I fell in love with some Philippines' songs in the old era of music competition. But that kind of competition is not always producing a popular singer, good talented singers but not all could reach the top as diva! It needs both talents and popularity in the market. And that is what the Idol contest has offered.

This year I came across some beautiful songs from the Republic of Philippines, Vietnam, and India...(Malaysia and Singapore were also introducing some songs but the music are familiar so I do not comment on their songs as something new for me...)

I've also browsing on some blogs, seeking for the grassroots' comments on the victory of the idol from Singapore Hady Mirza and found out some interesting stories.

It would be hard to take my feet back from the cyberworld as a Citizen Reporter because my mind automatically popping out ideas that bother my inner thought! The most possible action is to make balancing steps and keep reminding myself on why I write for the CJ help building the world in my own capacity!

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Retty N. Hakim said...

The commitment to address tropical deforestation, also known as Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD), is another building block in the Bali Roadmap. Governments have recognized that 20 percent of emissions are from forest loss, and they now have two years to nail down the rules on how REDD will be implemented.

"A strong, well-funded REDD mechanism will enable tropical forest countries to develop their economies without destroying their forests. In doing so, they will make a real contribution to mitigating global climate change," says Rodney Taylor, Director of WWF’s Global Forest Programme. "The mechanism must include safeguards to ensure that REDD projects benefit forest-dependent people and conserve biodiversity."

Just a reminder note for me!:)