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Menantikan Asian Idol Pertama

Minggu, 16-12-2007 06:32:13 oleh: Retty N. Hakim
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upadte comment below is not the translation of the article that was written in Bahasa Indonesia, it is the completion of my views outside the article.(Retty, 27-12-2007)

Waiting for the First Asian Idol.

I wrote this article after the first Asian Idol Show aired in the television. I was not a great fan of Idols. But I was curious on other contestants. I'd like to know more about others' culture. Each idol performed their own local songs. I used to learn about others' songs from the singing contest performance I saw when I was a young girl. I was familiarized with songs from the Philippines back then.

Seeing their performance I was once again engaged in admiration to others' culture. I can hear Mau Marcelo's Philippines song, Phuong Vy's Vietnamese song, and Abhijeet Sawant's Indians song. The way Abhijeet sang Junoon made me really interested in that song!

I commented on their performance. I also commented on Hady Mirza. I said that he reminded me of Delon, the other Indonesian candidate for this Asian Idol. Delon had a long story. He was not the first session winner, he gained it after Joy Tobing resigned from the title as she would like to have her own management. When Indonesians were asked to choose between four idols from four sessions of the Indonesian Idols, I was hesitated between Delon and Mike.

Mike Mohede had the voice, but Delon had the popularity. Forwarding Delon as an Indonesian Idol to the contest perhaps will help us gain votes from other countries. Young girls will vote for him. But, we do need to be proud of gaining this contest from musical talent, not only from physical performance.

Saw the competitors in the show made me thankful that Indonesia had wisely chosen Mike as our representative.

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