Friday, 4 April 2008

Blogger and Comments

After the Indonesian Blogger Party I usually visited blogs of the bloggers I've met there. Today I've just found a very interesting post. The blog post is very short (posted on March 21) but it did raised 50 responses so far, and most amazingly the responses were even longer than the length of the blog post itself.

I do not have time to write my comment yet, but this topic is interesting enough. I've got some cousins married foreigners, two of them are women. Then I've also got a sister in law who married an Australian man. So it will be interesting to work on an article about mixed marriage between Asian and Caucasian races.

One interesting thing that what raised up in the comments is the Indonesian way to call Caucasian as "bule". I've noted that some people think that "bule" has pejorative meaning, but I think for most Indonesian when they said "bule", it is only because of the skin colour, no mockery meaning as when people are using "dasar Cina" or "Cina lu" (both referring to the term of saying someone is a Chinese descendant).

The world became so flat, and we are now a part of the global world. I think blog is a good way to express our opinion on things that were bothering us. And that will be a good way to learn to respect each other if the discussion are basically forwarded without prejudice, and aim to have a better understanding of others' feelings.

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