Thursday, 17 April 2008


Obama and Clinton on defensive in tense debate
By John Whitesides, Political Correspondent (Yahoo! News)

...Clinton, a New York senator, apologized for her own recent campaign controversy, when she inaccurately said she had come under sniper fire when visiting Bosnia in 1996.
"You can go back for the past 15 months. We both have said things that, you know, turned out not to be accurate," Clinton said. "That happens when you're talking as much as we have talked. But, you know, I'm very sorry that I said it."
Obama seemed to speak for both of them when he chimed in, "For us to be obsessed with these kind of errors, I think, is a mistake."...

Anybody can make mistakes, especially when we are in high tense or stressed situation. Yet, we ought to be careful in saying or writing things. It should always be remembered by anybody reporting for the citizens, either he or she is a professional journalist or a citizen reporter. Deadlines are the stressing situation for journalist. As a citizen I prefer to delay facts than delivering mistakes.

There are also personal opinions that might be changed over times or over new experiences. As a blogger it is nicer to put this kind of opinion in my online blog, as it will also serve me as a tool to reflect back in the future.

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