Friday, 4 January 2008

Saya Senang Mendengar Dongeng…

I always like story telling, most of all is the autobiography! Boediardjo's book asked the reader to follow how a man who serves the era of Soekarno and the era of Soeharto revealed his story.

I found a lot of interesting subjects in this book. Not actually a writer's way of story telling, but the content revealed so many humanistic facts. Politic plays important roles on everybody's life, but life is not only black or white!

I've noted the most important aspect for wikimuers, conflicts will always be presented. Resolving the conflicts wisely can make Indonesia a real big country. It would need the whole citizens to make it true!

Story telling is not always followed by the conclusion, we can made the conclusion after hearing several stories. There is when objectivity can really be exist!

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