Saturday, 5 January 2008

Be a good citizen!

Claire answered my curiousity. She deleted her blog because she doesn't want to waste her time over the blog and neglecting her real world. It was a pity as I like her blog, and I did learn a lot of journalism stuffs over there.

I am going to continue blogging. It helps me keep my writing spirit. I rarely write my own diary lately. Luckily with the existence of citizen journalism (websites and blogs) I write again... Personal diary will be easier to write because I will not offend anybody. But having an online diary of a citizen reporter made me more responsible in presenting my views. It pushed me to be more objective. It urged me to dig more facts!

I am not a real fan of mailing lists because I need a lot of time to read all that letters. I found out that community of bloggers are more interesting than mailing lists. Yet, some good views are also presented in mailing lists.

Being a citizen reporter is a bit tiring and expensive! It is really difficult as we do not know our readers. The global world is so varied. Our choices of words can easily be misunderstood by others. Our cultural differences can also made others misunderstood our intention. The readers' level of education and their level of interest and knowledge in our country are also varied. Expensive, because we have to cover all the expenses and providing our time in presenting good news. Yet, it does help to keep the idealism. Citizen Journalism is something important, too important to die away. I hope I am in the process of gaining the definition of being a citizen reporter in my life!

Starting these recent days of the new year with some reflections, I think the most important thing to do is to be a good citizen! Then we can help the government to be a good government in our own way. I can not help them with financial theories or actions, but perhaps I could help them see how citizens need their actions. I can not help them researching as a researcher but I can help them point out things that perhaps some researchers had done but were kept in the dark! Everything should begin from a small step! Just like a baby, we should be trying hard to take our stand, then try hard to make our first step, then we are able to walk...the last in that process is jumping!

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