Friday, 25 January 2008

Angin Pun Berbisik: Antologi Cinta Tiga Manusia

This is about the first poet book written by an Indonesian blind together with his wife and his daughter. I was actually keen on working this one for OMNI, but my mood to write in Bahasa Indonesia was bigger than into English. I produced another piece, "A Dialog With The Poem of Irwan Dwi Kustanto", it is still queues up in the editor's choice of today's article. Hope they will up load it soon. That is more personal. Perhaps this author background in philosophy is the one that makes me diving deep into his poems. Critics that I've met in the book launch have their own preferences, and I do have my own! It was nice join in that book discussion as Melani Budianta (a well known lecturer from the University of Indonesia) and Joko Pinurbo (a poet) could open the veil of some hidden meaning behind those words. This is the first poetry book discussion I joined. I came looking for an article for citizen journalism website, but I found my spirit as a writer waking up... (I should try to look back at those books of my poetry that laid untouched for years somewhere in my shelves).

Unfortunately I could not stay to watch the real book launch, where they integrated the poems with music and other artistic performances. I've got to prioritize my children at home. I was late arriving to the bus stop, my shuttle bus to Serpong left already, Ive got to wait for another hour...but God is always kind to a person with a good deed, some women offered me to join their pick-up car. They used to gather some money for the owner of the car so they can travel together faster and cheaper to and from their office. What a lucky day! I got home perfectly on dinner time (a bit late but the children are still waiting!)

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