Friday, 4 January 2008

New year

This New Year was not really a happy moment. Indonesia was struggling with floods and landslides. I've been preparing an article for Ohmy News, but I don't have the heart to upload it.

Benazir Bhutto was shot. That's terrible. I've always interested in her, as she reminded me of Megawati, Indonesian ex-president. Their fate as the daughter of a charismatic father, their destiny to join in the political world, and their spouse's effect in their political careers.

Another sad story came from my fellow blogger Claire. She has deleted her blog. Her blog gave me a lot of journalism guidance. I can see the process of her taking journalism into her life.

I recently found something interesting in Vincent Maher's blog. A note from a blogger Ncobo. I think I've got the similar feeling in the first press conference I've attended. Not because I am not into it, but mostly because I will be more enjoying myself with other participants of the seminar watching the welcoming dance. Yet, there will be a good point to come in the press conference so as a citizen I can see if the media is also working. How many media coverage, and how they will present the news to their readers.

I usually saw some reporters came into a seminar, taking all the papers, interviewing their targeted persons then disappeared from the scene. Or, they sometimes came exactly at the moment of lunch! Then news of the seminar will be presented in their own interpretation (from the press release). OK, let's take it in a more positive way, they were not working on news about the seminar...they only came to meet that particular persons. Or perhaps they've got more than one story to cover that day!

Recently I feel more into blogging than into reporting. Reporting in an objective point of view can not be easily done if I am not really into it! Blogging makes me freer in commenting, freer with the length of writing, etc. A citizen reporter working on hardnews, perhaps Han Na Young's remarked should be remembered "One or twice is OK, no more than that!"

Yet, sometimes a citizen reporter should also be needed take his/her place to remind the mainstream media to take some issues into their consideration.

OK let's the new year begins!

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