Friday, 4 January 2008

Keberanian Mengejar Gairah

You've got to be brave enough to follow your passion. Brave to face the difficulties, brave to stand for the negative consequences in following your passion. I should need more time to translate it all, but most off all I'd like the reader of wikimu to know that success should be related to their own passion. And I'd like them to consider another kind of success, not only the success through material way of thinking!

Butet Manurung got the title Woman of the Year 2004 from ANTV in 2004. Then she was also included in Asia's heros by Time Asia Magazine. Something that she gained through the bravery to follow her passion. Without passion she would not stand all the cultural shocks when living with the people of the Forest, she would not even be there in the first place. Following this idealism she would not value her success with dollars (for her own pockets), but perhaps dollars can not buy that happiness!

Where is your passion? Find it and go struggle for your own success!

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