Saturday, 5 January 2008

Sang Penjaga Waktu

I am going to help the Mexican Embassy for its photography exhibition. Some of the Indonesian Heritage Volunteer guides are going to help guiding in the exhibition. We were briefed by Mr. Alva in the museum. What a rich culture! It was also wonderful to hear the myths and legends.

Soon afterwards, I was digging more stories of ancient Mexico from the cyber space. There are so many stories around the Myth of the 5th Sun.

This article is addressed to the reader of wikimu so they can visit the exhibition during their week-end. In the article (which I now considered need a bit of grammar editing) I was talking about the guardian of time, the theme of the exhibition. When searching about the legends and myths from the Mayan and Aztech, I found an article in (perhaps) a blog. The writer calculating the calendar system and found out the end of the 5th sun is going to be the year 2012.

Then suddenly I read Peter Hincliffe’s article in OMNI titled “Global Warming, Boring-Boring”, there he stated that “The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which shared the Nobel Peace Prize with former US Vice President Al Gore, warns that we have just eight years left in which to save the world from the worst effects of global warming.”

So the scientist gave us longer time to live!

I am not keen on counting the end of the world, but it is astonishing to see how the ancient ancestors of the Mexicans made a calculation system that produce a final answer that is so close to the modern scientific approach.

I did not really pay attention to the scientists warning of time. All I care about is the existence of the environment and the comfort of its people. I am not afraid to face the end of the world as long as I am not the one who make it happens (yet, I do contribute…don’t you?!). But… off course it would be nicer to know that my offspring can have a longer chance to live on!

Peter Hinchliffe is also mentioning about the global travel. It’s a real conflicting and challenging situation. Without the global air travel, the tourism industries will be out of work. Then our Visit Indonesia Year 2008 will not gain the expected visitors.

Conflict..conflict…conflict…how would we overcome this? How should we overcome it?

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