Friday, 25 January 2008

Rumah Kaca (07): Suara Media

Working on a fiction story? Never!
I did try actually. Perhaps I still keep some papers that were written for Anita or Gadis, Femina, or whatever, but never being sent! I always think that fiction is not my type of work.

Some friends from are making an interactive fiction story. The first person uploading his story is Aloys Wisnuhardana, the title is The Glass House. It has to be related to the global warming. Being persuaded by friends in the community to join in this story made me produce this one. Continuing the story, I put myself in the shoe of a citizen reporter who is going to do his investigative report together with a mainstream media reporter in Riau, Sumatera.

I don't know how this story will go on and how it will end up. I don't know if I'll contribute again in this story or not...time will tell!

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