Friday, 25 January 2008

Mainan Jepang: Tradisional dan Kontemporer

Japanese Toys: Traditional and Contemporary

Just uploading my recent visit with my children to the Japan Foundation. Japan and Indonesia is celebrating its 50th years of being friend, but I do not have time to visit a lot of events to make an article for OMNI. I knew this one would be a good topic, especially with the Japanese Prince and Princess paying us a visit!

It was nice when my cousin commented in the article about the eye of Durama. I never knew that Durama's eye is where we put our wishes and the other one is to mark its fulfillment. We are close cousins, but story came out through the internet...amazing isn't it?!

I have to note that my laziness in pulling an effort towards photography is "rewarded" pictures are not as "catchy" as I wanted them. My camera's fault or myself? Some professional photographers did point out the operator's fault...he...he...he...

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