Thursday, 2 July 2009

5 days to the Presidential Election

5 more days...
Thursday, July 2, there was a big demonstration in Makassar because local people were angry about a comment from Andi Alifian Mallarangeng who said that it is not the time yet for a Buginese to be a president (local online news is here, here, and here).

I do not have time to write down my feeling when I took those JP articles to link in my previous blog post. Ethnicity is not a good start for a campaign... We are Indonesians, Unity in Diversity..right?! Yet, being tolerant in handling the ethnicity and religions do have the important aspect in making a good leader.

I knew that choosing JK and Wiranto would probably help us to improve the Eastern part of Indonesia. Yet, JK is a businessman...would he pause for a minute to think about the social effect instead of only the economic promises?

Megawati and Prabowo are promising their constituents that they will work on the economy for the people, especially those in grassroot. And I think they will try to do it. Yet, there is a possibility that they can ended up like SBY-JK...

SBY and Boediono seemed to me to be the best choice right now, but there is also a very high chance that the minister position for the education and religion will go to PKS as their part of agreement. I can't see a bright future there...

One thing that I valued from our late ex-president Soeharto is his ability to choose the right person for the minister post. Listening to Emil Salim, or Joop Ave, even after they were not a minister anymore would still show their qualification, it would bring out the feeling of respect because they really know what they are talking about. Could we still have the same quality now? Is there a degradation in the education system that produce less qualified person? Or, is it the agreement between parties that forcing us to have the best candidate from a party (yet, not the best person needed for the position?)

Choosing a certain president and vice president would not give me a certainty that they will choose the right persons to help them. A president would not function well if his or her ministers are not working hard for the sake of the people. He or she would not show us a good track record if those who sit in the house of representatives are not thinking about the people they represented. It is a circle of a political system that would help RI 1 to perform the best.

I believe that all the three couples of candidate are nationalist. They will serve the country in their own way of approaches. Yet, which couple should we choose to help bring the best out for Indonesia?

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krismariana widyaningsih said...

it's a difficult choice. many say that we should choose the worse among the worst. but i can't see which one is the worse. every couple has its flaw.