Monday, 20 July 2009


I share my sympathy and condolence to the victim through the blog of IndonesiaUnite:

It's a deep sorrow to be a host country in this tragedy,
The sky was so blue
But my heart was grey with sorrow
Sharing my sympathy to those who missed their families that morning.

Birds seemed reluctant to chatter
They seemed to listen to the running televisions
but today they are whistling their voices again
encouraging all of us...
Those who went through the sad morning
And others, who only experienced it by heart
To keep together fighting the terror.

We are one
No matter where we came from...
We say "No!" to terror and inhumanity...
Let's the birds sing the song
Blessing the parted souls
Encouraging the fighting spirits
Helping us to wake up
and make a stand together...

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