Friday, 3 July 2009

One Spirit One Nation

The theme of this year blogger party is One Spirit One Nation. I would love to have it in Bahasa Indonesia rather than in English, but it was already decided. And it is probably easier to grab the whole "aspects of meaning" in a short sentence in English language than in Indonesian "Satu Jiwa Satu Bangsa". Actually "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" or "Unity in Diversity" is the best term for Indonesians, but one spirit and one nation is probably to show that bloggers are united in building the country. I am intentionally do not use the term Indonesian bloggers here, as we know that even international bloggers could also help Indonesians to build the country.

We can see the solidarity for Prita through the cyber world and the real world. It is a good example of being united to reach freedom of speech. It is more than only being one big family, it is also being one spirit...FREEDOM! Freedom for this nation (Indonesia) means that we should not forget our Pancasila shield, in which humanity, and social welfare are taken into account. Freedom to stand up with pride as a nation. The cyber space became one of the social control institution. It is also a way to enhance democratization. Not only in the nation, but also between nations. Hopefully other nations will also understand us as a nation which was build upon our diversities.

It's time that we really wake up, and see around us. The internet is opening its wide door to step into the world without really stepping outside your door. It is faster and easier to look out, to gain support and links. We are not staying only in the cyber world, that is why we should also go into the real world to build a better world. We are not only living in the cyber space, but we have our real world to tackle, perhaps that is how Pesta Blogger will make it real!

The party will be held in October. I think one important topic that can be given as a precious "goodie bag" is knowledge about ethics and laws in this flat universe of cyber space. I think we need guidance about intellectual rights, about ethics for airing opinion without defaming others, etc. Soon enough we are going to face the global world as a part of the international network. We should be able to know our rights and responsibilities as a part of the universe.

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