Sunday, 19 July 2009

Bad News is Bad News...

It's something that we don't really want to happened but it happened...that's bad news. The president SBY's reaction to the hotels bombing is not very popular. While asking people not to make an early accusation on the bombing, he was also made a statement about he's being targeting to be killed if the result of the presidential election making him on the way to the top. People could misinterpret his words and made a guessing accusation.

As a citizen I believe that all the three couples of presidential candidates are nationalists. They are all working for the glory of Indonesia, perhaps they have different path of working it out, underlining different urgency of actions...But, I am sure that none of them would lead us into this sad story.

While Jakarta is trying so hard to take its place in the map of MICE destination, this bombing has already canceled the visit of Manchester United, and made a very big loss for Indonesia. The airplane ban issued by the European Uni was already announced to be lifted from Indonesian airlines. Garuda Indonesia will fly to and from Europe again...Yet, this bombing wouldn't make the travel ban taken off too. Even locals are not in the mood for traveling or visiting public what would we do?

Bad news is bad news. I realized how citizen journalism works. If we aren't in that situation then it would be difficult to have first hand reportage. Citizen journalism websites which needs article to go along with pictures or video would also need longer time to produce. People who are really there could not even talk normally, they were shocked. When interviewed by the television they can only rumbling the same words over and over. There are some who had this bombing experience twice (2003 and 2009), they are those who worked for JW Marriot. Citizen journalism is not about a solo journalist (in term of reporting recent news) because we are not always present in the middle of the incident. Preparing a special report would need energy, time, and effort that would need special concentration.

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