Friday, 31 July 2009

Prita will not be free anymore?

Yesterday, the High Court in Banten dismiss the previous decision to free Prita Mulyasari, the hospital can continue to sue Prita. A contributor in wikimu said that the root of the problem is about the law. Do we citizen have the right to complain on bad service we've got as a consumer? Prior to Prita Mulyasari, there was already a case of Khoe Seng Seng who lost against the developer who sued him for his complaining letter published in the newspapers and online. If a direct complain was met by a thick wall, the only outlet for citizen is actually the media. With the presence of the new media, then citizen have got a new alternative of airing voices.

In the cases here, freedom of speech seemed not being honored.If we do feel being cheated, then our formal complain was not taken seriously, what should we do? Let them get away because we do not get enough money to fight them in legal aspect?

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Qoenang-Qoenang said...

Who should work on this case? hiks...