Monday, 20 July 2009

A Note for Manchester United: "Mau Terus Belajar Bahasa Indonesia?"

Pesan untuk MU: "Mau Terus Belajar Bahasa Indonesia?"

I'm not really a soccer fan anymore. It was a very long time ago when I wouldn't sleep all night waiting for Dino Zoff, Mario Kempes, or Eric Garrets. That was very long time ago...when I was still a student. I was also watching Zizou when I was pregnant, not for the game...only to kill time as I couldn't sleep with that bulging belly. Yet, sharing the Indonesians sad feeling for loosing a chance to see their favourite club canceling their visit because of the bombing of the hotels, I write this piece for wikimu.

It is not the club visit that intrigued me, it was the advertisement in the television about Edwin Van der Sar, Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs, Park Ji Sung, Rio Ferdinand, and Michael Carrick who are learning Bahasa Indonesia. You can see the advertisement here.

This one is more interesting than the previous one when they said "Mau?" ("Do you want it?" or "Would you...?"). They looked more relaxed and friendly in the second ad. The way they giggled after repeating the teacher's voice is just the way our first grader giggled when they are learning something new in front of a camera. "Ini Budi. Budi bermain bola." They would have played with Budi Sudarsono, the Indonesian national team's striker, if the schedule was kept going on. Yet, there wouldn't be any game here.

From the official site of Manchester United (MU), they have confirmed that they have to canceled their trip due to the safety of their team and officials. Indonesian government pleaded to continue the game but the club has also a policy to put the safety first. It is understandable if we read about their history with the tragic Muenchen airplane accident.

So,perhaps they can't show their support for us through the planned visit and friendly game, but they can show it by continue learning Bahasa Indonesia? May be one day, one of them can come here and teach a lot of young Budi to work hard on the field and create a new potential player for MU? So, "Mau terus belajar bahasa Indonesia?" (Would you continue to learn Indonesian language?").

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