Sunday, 15 March 2009

Indonesian Blogger in The Best Job of the World (hoping...)

I received a forwarded e-mail from Nila Tanzil about her application as the candidate for the Best Job in the World in Queensland, Australia. It happened that I've met her twice...both in the National Blogger Party here in Jakarta (2007 and 2008).

She came into the top 50 from about 34,000 applicants. The day I opened that website, she was even on the 13th rank of the wild card leaderboard. I've been learning my lesson from Hadi Mirza, the Asian Idol, that we do need to make our votes to help her boost her rank. That is the reason why I wrote "14 Hari Lagi...Mampukah Nila Tanzil Menaiki 13 Anak Tangga?" Actually at that day (14 days from the closing) she was already on the 13th only 12 steps to the top. I was writing in a hurry, and it does seemed that 14 and 13 are nicely fit. Yet, today she is on the 14th rank, one step lower...

Clare from Taiwan seems to be securing her first rank with a very high voting score. I am still hoping for Nila, as Indonesia is the neighbour of Australia and we also have various beach resorts. The Islands of the Great Barrier Reef will be a very nice destination for Indonesians who like diving and snorkeling, and for Indonesian who do need to learn how to manage their beach resorts.

With the global financial crises, more Indonesian will search for a closer travel destination for their holidays. The youngsters who love diving and snorkeling are also seemed to be looking for new adventure in other places. So, Nila will be the right candidate to promote this holiday destination in Indonesia. Moreover, she is also a global citizen, a blogger who has spend her time outside Indonesia. She is young, popular, and she does enjoy underwater experiences.

But why do I promote to vote her in wikimu? I do hope that she will also remember to gain something for us Indonesians if she get that best job in the world. It would be helpful to share what she gets from her experience there to help our marine resources to limit the impact of human use. As a World Heritage Site, Islands of the Great Barrier Reef could gave us a lot of examples on how to manage our beautiful beaches such as the Raja Ampat Islands in Papua, or other places in Bali, Sulawesi, and Komodo Island. You can search for some beaches here. But, as we can read in this blog, Indonesians need to improve the way we looked at those places. We need to balance the exploitation of the natural resources within our financial needs with the need to preserve the environment and its rich biodiversity.

So, I do think that Nila Tanzil is the best candidate for that job. She won't be just working for the Great Barrier Reef, but at the same time she will show her fellow Indonesians how to treat our environment, to show us how important it is to keep those natural underwater heritage.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you Nila...

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