Monday, 16 March 2009

Cikoneng Lighthouse

This lighthouse was built in 1885, it's not exactly the oldest lighthouse in operation in Indonesia, as we do have the oldest one in Semarang (1879). Yet, if the first lighthouse which was built in 1806 counted in then this location is perhaps older in the sense of history.

The old lighthouse is located about 30 metres from the new lighthouse, and is known as the starting point of the long road Anyer Panarukan, started by Daendels in 1808. The ruin of the old lighthouse is known as the "zero point".

I have never been brave enough to go up its 300 stairs, although each of its 18 floors will offer beautiful scenery. The lighthouse was made from metal, with 60 metres high, and actually people can ask permission to the guardian of the lighthouse to go up.

I'm also relating this article to the First Day Cover issued by PT Pos Indonesia. First to fill in my Stamp Collecting blog, second to show people that we can learn something through philately. And there is still another reason which will be revealed in another article for wikimu...

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