Monday, 9 March 2009

Blogging and reporting

Like I've said in my previous post, reporting is not always easy. Blogging is easier for me, but both ways produce surprising results...

My old (almost forgotten) file about the Textile Museum that I've uploaded in this blog made the Jakarta Post's reader that I mentioned there made his comment. As news, it is surely out of date...two years ago. Yet, the urgency is still the same...
I prefer wikimu to publish the recycle story as I'm now concentrating in taking the Indonesian interest towards museums, not to say to take the attention of those who are seating in the offices that can make policies.

Writing for Citizen Journalism website helps me promote the content of my post. For example, a post about the Science Center and the meeting with pak KK, the Minister of Research and Technology, was taken into the minister's blog.

Reporting at First Hand as Claire George mentioned in her article help me to produce a different point of view from the newspaper's reporters. Sometimes, the "deadline" made me unable to produce any news. Luckily there would be no deadlines for blogging...

Claire said, "All articles are valid in their own way. (The expression of under represented opinion is particularly important.) But when they are providing their best public service, their very very best public service, citizen journalists report first hand experiences and share the real flavour of the things they see." I think that's the basic of citizen journalism. It is not about us, it is not about the news, but it is about the personal hue given to the public as a service to improve the quality of citizens' life.

So, I'll continue mixing blogging and reporting in my own "free time" and in my own limited capacity.

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