Sunday, 8 March 2009

BERANI Belajar Demokrasi

BERANI Belajar Demokrasi is about the project of learning democracy for elementary school children forwarded by the daily BERANI. It is a printed daily for children.

My eldest son likes reading this daily in his way to school. The variety of news and the size of this Monday to Friday journal made him interested in reading it. I'm glad to see him reading this daily as I was trying hard to take his attention to the youngster pages in Kompas to no avail.

The article I wrote for wikimu include my wishes to the headmasters and teachers who are involved in this "learning democracy" project, that democracy is not only stopped after being elected as the president and the vice president of the school. Children will learn a better understanding of democracy if they are capable not only to make promises, but to try to take those promises into realization. Otherwise, they'll only learn about the "campaign party" and "empty promises"...

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