Thursday, 29 May 2008

BC Blog Competition - ICD

The three winners for the British Council Blog Competition (ICD) are:

1. Ahmad Fauzi Ridwan
2. Ika D
3. Oscar Prajnaphalla

I couldn't find the blog posts with ICD tag from Ika D's blog, but the other two blogs have a very impressive postings. Congratulation! It would be very nice to have more and more young people who care about intercultural dialogue...that would be a better base for a global peace.

I think these young peoples are better in representing Indonesians than the flock of students who demonstrated for the increasing fuel price with so much anger! Calm down... , try a better dialogue than ruining our own country. Tourism is the most important asset for Indonesia in the meantime, if we can't provide safety and comfortable journey than we can say good bye to our foreign visitors. I hope more and more young Indonesian facing their role in the society in a more mature and intellectual way! Education is the key to it!

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