Thursday, 3 December 2009

My new blog and a new finding

I'm starting a new blog about being a mother (it is in Bahasa Indonesia). It will be talking about children and mostly about my own sons, and I'm calling it "Buah Hati". Translation by words meaning the fruit of the heart, but it is actually the apple of a mother's eyes, the fruit of the womb...

I've got an interesting fact that a song I've been so keen of since my teenage period is actually a song from a Philippine's singer, Freddie Aguilar. I read the comments from this YouTube post, and they made me wonder the origin of this song.

I've known the song in English version since I was in Junior Highschool (so around thirty years...) and only in English. I'd like to put it into my blog, then I came to know the origin of the song. It is from Tagalog, you can hear the Tagalog version here. And the title is "Anak"...the same word we are using for children in Bahasa Indonesia.

From his wikipedia page, I found out that he wrote this song as a way to show his regret for a decision to left his school and family at the age of 18.
Freddie studied Electrical Engineering at De Guzman Institute of Technology but did not finish the course. Instead he pursued music became a street musician and then a folk club and bar musician.[4] In 1973, he married Josephine Quiepo.

Freddie Aguilar left family and school unfinished at the age of 18. Realizing and regretting his mistakes five years later, Freddie composed "Anak", a remorseful song expressing apology to his parents.

Sometimes communication stuck, and we do need to have a better communcation between older generation to the younger one. I'm glad to find out the original song (and would really like to know the Tagalog translation)...and thankful to him that he shared his experience through this beautiful song.

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