Friday, 18 December 2009

Please Join Your Voices to Save the Earth

I'm not really up-dated with climate change and UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, but I am following some articles through printed Kompas and online medias. Greenpeace International is also helping me in keeping updated informations through its e-mails. Sometimes Greenpeace's action were too militant for my style of action, but petition to save the earth; to call the world leaders to take real actions; to really care about educating citizens how to save the earth is important. That's why I joined my voice in their petition.

Petition to the 110 Presidents and Prime Ministers negotiating in Copenhagen:

We call on each one of you to make the concessions necessary to meet your historic responsibility in this crisis. Rich countries must offer fair funding, and all countries must set ambitious targets on emissions. Do not leave Copenhagen without a fair, ambitious and binding deal that keeps the world safe from catastrophic global warming of 2 degrees.

If you'd like to take your part of voicing your concern, you can visit

The picture of the demonstration has an interesting banner "Planet not Profit". I am also giving my voice for that..."Planet not profit". Yet, "Human being not profit" will be my ultimate concern. I would love if Indonesian leaders also think about that when planning or making any mutual decision on REDD.

Greenpeace International weblog is here, picture above is taken from its e-mail for the petition.

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Rediningrum Setyarini said...

article of reducing emissions will be erased..... it's hard to erase industry profit, isn't?