Sunday, 22 November 2009

Life is a Choice

Yes, life is a choice to make! You can be a blogger, you can be a citizen reporter, you can be a volunteer, or you can be an ordinary housewife... We can also take it all as our activities, yet there should always priority at a time.

Time is the most valuable aspect of out life. Being a blogger made me realized why some professionals prefers not to be a blogger. They are also busy arranging their life, between social and professional life. Yet, those 24 hours a day can be valuable enough if we can set our best priority at the needed time.

October 24, 2009 had three kind of choices for me: Pesta Blogger, Trisakti's architects big reunion, and an event for my kids in Aini Eye Hospital (actually that same day they were also having another event in their school). As I was already invited to Pesta Blogger 2009 through an invitation for Forum Pembaca Kompas, I didn't want to throw it away (if I pay for it may be I'll skip this year's party). So, I took Pesta Blogger and gave some of my time fled from the party to be with my kids (thank you to grandpa who were kind enough to bring and taking care for his grandchildren...I love you dad!:))

I wrote "Bersahabat Dengan Mata Sejak Dini" from my short visit to Aini. I thought Pesta Blogger would be covered by more than a thousand bloggers, so it could be postponed. Even for that Eye Care Festival article I uploaded it after 2 weeks.

It would really be easier to be a blogger. I can just upload some pictures and some comments (tough uploading pictures is like wasting a lot of time). That's the different of just blogging and being a citizen reporter. Being a citizen reporter requires me to think, to prepare, and do some research (if needed) before uploading a posting. And that needs time...

But, looking through what I've been writing as a netizen, I think it would be nice to store all those interesting pictures and events in my memory, and uploading it when I have time and at the right (linked) moment.

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