Saturday, 19 December 2009

Wikipedia Indonesia

As a citizen reporter I am depending mostly on wikipedia to link names or events that I used in my writing. If I write in English I'll prefer the English version of Wikipedia, but sometimes Indonesian names or events are not written in English. On the other hand, I'd like to link my writing in Bahasa Indonesia to Wikipedia Indonesia, as it will help my Indonesian readers to read it in their preferred language. Yet, I haven't been brave enough to upload any post or trying to edit or add data from the existing wikipedia. I used to play in the sand box, but never have the courage to do my part of writing.

Today I am trying to share my part of writing for Wikipedia Indonesia. My motivation to help started when an Indonesian guitarist, Jubing Kristianto, was about to be deleted from Wikipedia Indonesia due to the incompleteness of data. I have seen his performances, and I like his way of introducing the traditional songs and Indonesian children songs in his guitar repertoire. I also like his interactive way of communicating with his fans (read my piece in wikimu "Naik Delman Fantasy dari Face Book ke Mal"), and his collaborative works with other Indonesian artists. So, I would love to see his name stayed in the online encyclopedia.

I think we do need to promote our local talents. Psychologically (and thinking over my time schedule) I was not really ready to write something in wikipedia, the last layer mentioned by Steve Outing as the most interactive part of citizen journalism. Yet, here I am...trying to add something! Welcome to wikipedia!

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