Saturday, 27 June 2009

Prita is Free...Are We?

It's good to read that Prita is free...
I quoted Jakarta Post comment that apparantly her acquittal in defamation case is also the contribution of keen public support in the cyberworld and in the media.

Prita's case is an important study case for so many subjects. Wikimu contributors were seeing it through different point of views. One contributor saw it as a costumer service subject, another saw it as a subject of law, and of course as a citizen reporter I too have some notes to take. I share it in this posting. With so many outlets to voice out the voices of the citizen, it seems that citizen journalism is not worth keeping. Now, people tend to comment in Face Book rather than in the citizen journalism sites, or through twitter or plurk...But is it really like that? Why it is worth keeping? I think we should take Prita's case a learning case.

I'm also joining the cause to free Prita, because I think she has the right to complain and to share her feeling. Emotion is something that citizen would perhaps failed to recognized when uploading such a complain. Editorial is surely help in softened the tone of a complain letter. I'm not trying to make Prita a heroine, but I do think she doesn't deserve to be jailed for her personal e-mail.

Then, how about articles that were written in purpose for publication in the citizen journalism sites?

Antoher contributor was uploading his fear that Prita Mulyasari is free, but there will be another "Prita" in the next two years...The court only appealed that UU ITE law is not applicable yet, not at least until two years from now. And then? And how about other cases that are also on court but received small attention from the media?

And at the moment the health service is trying to get another law to protect hospital from being sued for damaged happened while they are trying to cure patient. This is also a bit tricky...We know that some people don't understand how complex the medical service is that is perhaps why hospital need legal immunity, but we should also remember that some hospital did not really care about their patients, especially those without fat pocket...and how about these patients' right to have save health service?

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