Saturday, 27 June 2009

Children School Holiday

Visiting Carita was the first trip after the school holiday started, but actually my family did a trip together with some other family from our church community. We went to Cisarua to visit the organic farm managed by Father Agatho Elsener OFM.Cap. My family has visited this organic farm often, and sometimes we did enjoy Father Agatho hospitality through joining in the mass he celebrated with his small community of workers and guests. But having friends together with us means a lot for my children.

We visited the farm in the first week of June. All the kids seems enthusiastic to see another way of serving the Church. Not by having a church, but by having a large place to cultivate plants, and having so many kind of "strange animals" (it means worm, caterpillar, cricket, grasshopper, etc. Weird only to the eyes of the children from the big city like Jakarta...). Father Agatho challenged the children if they know where he came from. A fifth grader answered: "From Switzerland". "And where is Switzerland?" asked Father Agatho. A kindergarten girl answered with loud voice: "Belanda..." (Meaning Netherland) All laughed... Wow, from organic lesson we were also treated with geographic knowledge.

The parents who accompanied the children were more enthusiastic and amazed hearing that Father Agatho came from the family who own Victorinox. Who doesn't know Victorinox? Those very expensive brand from the Switzerland? And he left his family business to become a priest and a farmer here in Indonesia? But this one is not openly discussed in front of Father Agatho. Those who know the story told friends in soft voices.

No wonder if our group then gathered around Father Agatho asking for his signature on his postcard, like asking a signature from a television celebrity.

I don't have much to tell readers from wikimu about this journey as I intend to share it in my other blog, the one that is actually more on meditation and reflection as a Catholic. Yet, I share one picture to wikimu readers showing the kids enjoy cleaning up the carrot before packaging.

For more information about Father Agatho's organic farm you can visit this blog.

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