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Menatap Mumbai, Mengenang Duka

Minggu, 30-11-2008 08:46:39 oleh: Retty N. Hakim
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I used the picture from Rajen Nair, a fellow citizen reporter from OMNI. Nobody wrote about Mumbai in wikimu, so I tried to write mine. I was actually stealing time to do it. It was not just about Mumbai, it was also about terrorism. Indonesia had the experience, that's why the title is "Looking at Mumbai, Remembering(our)Sadness"

I would like to stress out the answer from Gulam Noor to Nair's question about his feeling after being released: “I am fortunate to come out of this incident alive and am thankful to the Mumbai police force for saving my life. At the same time I am sad to know that so many innocent people lost their lives. I think these terrorists have no religion and these attacks are a most barbaric and cowardly act.”

We should not took the terrorists' bait that would fire the war between religions. I think Noor's answer is really make sense, these terrorists (including those terrorists who did all the bombing in Indonesia) have no religion. I think no religion teaches its followers to kill others. God is not teaching us to hate each others, but our pride and prejudice brought us into war, into killing and hatred.

Indonesian tourism was affected by those bombings. Some countries are still issuing travel warning for visiting Indonesia. Perhaps Mumbai will have different stories. But I think we are still going to share the same story of struggle to overcome the nightmare from the survived victims.

I link the article. It is tiring to copy and paste it again here. It took too much time to copy all the links and uploading the pictures again.

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JJS said...

Hello Retty,

I'm writing from Hyderabad, where the 3rd Internet Governance Forum has just ended. Since the killings in Mumbai, many citizens here have called into question the aptitude of some politicians to face such crisis situations. Beyond the sadness, it is a feeling of anger that many people here express: anger against such barbaric acts, but also anger against some aspects of public policy and administrative structures in India. I wrote a few lines about this on my blog: