Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Wondering on Etiquette

I am surprised to see my photo of The Textile Museum in the googling machine in the link of another online media. I think that is the same picture as the one I upload for my article for wikimu.

It was only stated as (istimewa), without any link of the source of picture, nor the name of the photographer (which was never asked by the person who uploaded that picture).

Actually it's OK with me if they use it, as I am consistent in promoting Museum to Indonesians. Yet, if they do not have the time to ask for permission to use the picture they could put the link where they got the picture. I am not sure about the etiquette for using someone's picture. I knew there are some complain over the usage of pictures (and content) from the internet, but I am still trying to figure out the etiquette for pictures or blog's content without copy right.

It is stated with the picture the size and the probability of its having a copy right "819 x 614 - 86k - jpg - www.primaironline.com/images_content/2009529m...Gambar bisa saja memiliki hak ciptaDi bawah ini adalah gambar di: www.primaironline.com/berita/detail.php?catid..

I hope one of this blog's readers can help me with the etiquette of using others' picture from an online source, and also about the description of using "istimewa" as a title for the source of pictures. Please share your knowledge and opinions...

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