Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A New Approach in the New Year

It seems a bit tiring to maintain both citizen journalism and blog, they are a bit different for me. CJ is my way of sharing news, while my blog is my online diary of being a citizen reporter. It would be easier for me to blog, but the value of the news would be a bit different... I would perhaps just write down all the new experience of life. But, then I would not be digging into more comprehensive information on the topic.

I wrote about my battling mind in seeking the essence of being a citizen reporter, in "Pewarta Warga: Pencarian Jati Diri (1)", and "Pewarta Warga: Pencarian Jati Diri (2)". Am I being more citizen or more journalist? Actually I've never thinking of myself as a journalist. I'm a citizen reporting through a citizen journalism website...

Time is the only obstacle right now. Having no assistant at home made it more difficult to work on articles these days.

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