Saturday, 31 January 2009

Barack Obama everywhere

The 44th President of the United States, Barrack Obama, seems to take the global attention. Face Bookers are talking about him, medias are also talking about him...and some person who look like Obama are also showing up, from Miami (a Cuban immigrant), then from Honduras, and also from Indonesia...Ilham Anas. I found him through the daily journal for children "Berani", but on the internet amazingly I found him in the Vietnamese VN Express' news, and another blog shows the Malaysian newspaper, the Sun.

Hopefully the idea of change can be taken into a real account, then there would be more little Obama around the who would brave enough to dream about changing the world into a better world. It won't be just a resemblance of physical appearance, but the most important thing of all...the same vision of change!

A lot of expectation came on Obama's shoulders to carry on. A friend's blog also share his expectation or even how the world expects a new leadership style from Obama.

In another media, the Chinese lunar New Year made this media calculate his chinese horoscope. In an article "Year of the Ox Looking Very Un-Bullish", it is even predicted
"The new U.S. president is not having good luck this year. His honeymoon will only be short-lived," said fortuneteller Alion Yeo, predicting Obama may even face impeachment in his first year in office. "The Year of the Ox looks slightly better and less dire than last year, but it will still be bumpy."
Luckily, there is another opinion on that...
But Malaysian numerologist Weng Shi Ming suggested Obama's birth year would offset his bad luck. Weng said the symmetry of 1961 is "the perfect mix of ying and yang," rendering Obama "immune to the effects of 44."

I don't really want to know what his horoscope might say, but I do know that we do need to pray for him so the dream for the changing world can be taken into a reality, at least a new step into a better future...

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