Saturday, 15 March 2008

The USA's Presidential election

My fellow blogger send me the link to this article. Actually I am watching over the USA's presidential election through the local newspapers and magazines. Indonesian newspapers were already published abundant of Obama's stories, mostly because of his time spent in Indonesia and his mother's relation to an Indonesian spouse. The American presidential election is surely an interesting topic, but I do not have enough capacity to write something on this topic yet.

The American embassy even made up a mock up election booth here in Jakarta, and the Indonesian people were invited to try the American presidential wonder Obama won the votes over there...(Actually I'd really like to cover that story as a citizen reporter...that is something that one's should experience herself to be able to retell the euphoria, the excitement, etc).

Who can miss to spot this presidential election? With the urgency to focus on a better relation between the West and the East, to build a balance tolerance toward the Moslem community, to empower women globally, and to enhance the actions to go green and healthier...who will miss this special occasion with the special candidates like Obama and Hillary?

I read a note about Hillary, how she won more votes after showing more of her feminine side. The writer said that people still value a hard working woman as an ambitious woman seeking to compete over men. This is interesting, as people do not usually judge man as ambitious when a man is trying to climb to the top!

I like Hillary's books "It takes a village". I did not really read that book, I only read the excerpt through a book review. But it is true that it takes a village to be able to raise a child into a good man (or woman).

Obama's story through the International Herald Tribune show me all the big contribution made by people outside his mother.

I think my friend referred me to this article to show how important a mother's position in building her children's character. I knew this one, that was why I deliberately choose my present "occupation" as a housewife. Reading through the IHT's article I am very fascinated on how Obama's mother could handle all the responsibility being a working mother, a caring mother, and also a single parent in some period... I'm sure she could not do all that all alone, there were always some helping hands that help her throughout the process. I think the Javanese did not encourage divorce, a wife obediently follow whatever her spouse's wishes. The Javanese believes in destiny, accepting destiny is something important too. Perhaps our destiny is to be the helping hands in that village who help a mother raise her children. That was done by Obama's grandparents, teachers, and all those close friends who colored his life!

We are free to choose our path of life, we are free to build our own life. Yet, education and love will be very important in strengthening our choice to the success path. Sometimes poverty doesn't give that freedom, and we should all fight against that!

I am not able to pick which candidate impressed me the most as I did not really follow all their debates and speeches, but I do know I'll learn some lessons from both of them!

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