Tuesday, 2 October 2007

On Peaceful World, May be Mother Earth is Waiting For Godot!

News these days are mostly bad news! We’ve got bad news from Iraq. We’ve got bad news from Myanmar.

A Japanese journalist was killed in Myanmar. More than thousand people are missing. Several hundreds of Buddhist monks and activists are taken away by the military. All happened after the Buddhist monks together with the citizen performed the demonstration asking for a reformation in politic and economic fields.

Democracy seems to be a very expensive jewel of mother Earth. Blood shed to present her the democracy. Pro-democracy (in the case of the US in Iraq) or anti democracy (in Myanmar) are all the same, they are all starting sacrificing human lives.

I saw the real meaning of citizen journalism in Myanmar. They are all fighting to keep the world know what is happening. The internet links are cut, blogs are blocked…but they found ways to scream out their miseries to the world. Mother Earth cried quietly on the blood that runs over her body.

I do think she is also waiting for a better and peaceful world, but I keep wondering if she is only waiting for Godot!

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